2018: Year In Review

I don’t have that long to get this post in before midnight, so I’ll be brief!

Defiantly Delicate
Defiantly Delicate (December 2018)

2018 has been a year of incredible personal and professional growth for me. I’ve achieved more this year than I think I ever have in a 12-month period. I’ve also been blessed by having amazing supporters and collaborators in my life that in a sense have always been there, but now they’re closer than ever.

In terms of releases, this year I have put out:

Now, I think I can safely say that as productive a year as I’ve ever had. Except perhaps 2015 where I put out a backlog of stuff including Digital Delight and The Homemaker Sessions. But this year I really made a good effort with promotion.

Download cards Instagram
Maximum Marketing Effort!

This year I put in some big effort for IRL promo and made more than 300 Christmas gift tags with a download link to Defiantly Delicate. I gave them out at church services, and then pushed them through an arbitrarily chosen set of letterboxes in the Fleetwood area. I bruised by hand a bit, but it felt amazing to finally have handed them all out!

Hot chocolate treat
My well-deserved hot chocolate treat

So, tonight I enjoyed the hot chocolate set thing I got from my Mum for Christmas. And if you’d like, once all the hubbub of the New Year’s countdown has faded away, you can chill out and listen to Defiantly Delicate for the bargain price of £0.00!

Happy New Year from Caryl Archer
Happy New Year from Caryl Archer

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