Come here and weave
a new universe with me
Our own private chamber
Of reality
Giving rise to another
And another still
Generating permutations

I pull you in like black hole gravity
Event horizon, singularity

Pull, pull
Pull you into me
Fall, fall
Deep into desire
Brave, brave
Stronger than you feel
Break, break
Disconnect the wire

Let us return
Take me there again
Hours merging into powers
Of six and eight and ten
Your kiss sends the ripples
In liquid histories
Fractured fractals ever branching
In trees

Infinities in between infinities
Each lighting up with new possibilities

Are we made from the same star’s
Dust and debris?
Did we echo from the edges of eternity?
Were our molecules allied
At a billion degrees?
(Disconnect the wire…)

© 2020 Caryl Archer