Lyrics Archive – K-Z


Last Dance – Final song, the lights come on
Leave – When the quiet public places are more peaceful than the private spaces
Love Consume Me – All I really want, really want, way down deep down
Love Songs – Someone to hold my hand, someone to write our names in the sand

Maybe Now – I want you to be close, but I want you to be a million miles away
Meant For Me – Every night I try to push my thoughts of you out of my mind
Messing With My Mind – What are you doing to me? Why are you acting like this?
Micropause – Your eyes dismantle my heart
My Friend, the Iceberg – Let me set the record straight now
My Parting Words – I’ll miss you, my friend

Naive and Invincible – Everyone’s a critic, and everyone’s an expert these days
Nothing Without You – I’m learning all over again, all over again

Old Friend – How long’s it gonna be before I see a way to mend this wrong?
One Day – A moment eternal was held in your eyes and the music of a thousand songs
One Day Soon – It’s different for us because you and I have got the vision in our mind’s eye
Only You – Only You know who I am, only You know what’s on my heart
Open Wide – I’ll try not to hide, eyes open wide, praying that this time I won’t fall

Primary Concern – I will make it my primary concern

Regret/Respect – There was something about you that annoyed me from the get-go
Restore – There’s nothing new that we haven’t used under this sun

September Again – September, and the air is charged with the chill of change
Shining Stage – Unfamiliar sounds, feel my heart beating faster
Shy – I love you, I love you, but I am afraid of you
Simple Things – I gave up the romance, I took down the pictures, but you’re still in my head
Sleeping Beast – Don’t make any sudden moves, can’t you see my beast is sleeping?
Something Or Nothing – I don’t know what to do about you
Sometimes – I guess I should be thanking you for giving me the chance to make a new start
Someone Quite Like This – What did I do to deserve you? It must have been something great
State of Alert – We have got to stand together on this one
Stitches & Tangles (Follow You) – I walk to the edges of my garden
Suburban Explorer – I’m your suburban explorer, you know I’ll take the initiative
Surgeon – Why is it like this? When I was younger, it didn’t matter this much

The Best Trouble – I got your voice in my head, but that don’t mean nothin’
The Clay Asks the Potter – The clay asks the potter, “Why did you have to make me so small?”
The Girl – I wanna be the girl that keeps you company, that brings you round for tea and talking
The Hope Song – I wanna be in the place where the joy and the light never fades
The Impossible – Harsh winter, late spring
The Sea – The story goes the foolish man built his house upon the sand
The Sparkle – Your romanticised ideas make me giggle a little
The Wrong Man – I always listen to my friends, especially when
This Chance – I’m moving on today, got my whole life packed away in one suitcase
Together Again (Open) – I’ve been putting myself back together again
Too Many Songs Called Goodbye – Come back for me, come back for me, darling
Trail – This is the trail

Unworthy – It’s too beautiful a day to see myself crying

Valentine Code – Creep up behind me
Void Staring -You can peer into the darkest part of humanity’s hideous heart


Waking Song – Don’t pretend you’re protecting me
When You’re Ready – I know you trust me, I know you’ve loved me from the start
Who Am I – Who am I that I should be called to be your child?

You Won the Prize – You won, you won the prize
Yours – Life is so fragile, life is so finite, it can get so hard