Phase 2 Items

These items will go on sale as part of the second phase of the handmade merch collection.

Handmade Branded Stationery

Small stationery items with Lucid Letters logo, made from recycled materials. Each piece is uniquely designed, dependent on what materials are in supply at that time.

Mini notebooks

Cute little notebooks made from recycled envelopes and decorated with stamps and decorative tape.

Small: approx. 8.5cm x 12cm
Large: approx. 12cm x 15cm

Handmade paper

A5 paper sheets made from recycled junk mail and including logo design.

Personalised Lyric Art

Sunset Arcade lyric artwork by Lucid Letters
  • Choose your favourite Lucid Letters lyric and Caryl will paint and letter it for you!
  • Choose your colour palette for abstract painted background
  • Size 15cm x 20cm

Option 1: Single Line

Choose from the eligible songs below and select your line to be lettered.

Option 2: Title Only

Choose from the eligible titles.

Option 3: Title & Single Line

Choose your favourite line, and the title of the song will also be included.

Eligible lyrics:
  • All tracks from PORTMANTEAU EP (2020)
  • All tracks from We Are Now EP (2021)
  • All tracks from Pull Single (2021) and Pull Deluxe Single (2021)
  • Traveling – w0lfpak feat. Lucid Letters (2021)
  • Where We Came From – Lola Menthol feat. Lucid Letters (2020) – Lucid Letters rap verse
Eligible titles:
  • Unique
  • Pull
  • All Again
  • We Are Now
  • We Need Nothing
  • Dancing Without You
  • Sunset Arcade
  • The Summer
  • Traveling
  • Navy Blue
  • Galaxy of Diamonds
  • Firebird
  • Hopeless
  • Briefcase
  • Bad Management
  • Avoidance
  • Watercolour paper
  • Gouache paint
  • Black marker pens
  • Metallic gel pen

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